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What We Do


Our partner International Justice Mission works closely with local law enforcement to secure the rescue of victims of trafficking in Metro Cebu. After a rescue, IJM social workers partner with the Department of Social Welfare and Development and NGOs that provide shelter and rehabilitation to these young women in an effort to bring about healing and restoration.

The primary goal of aftercare shelters is the successful reintegration of survivors back into their communities. However, the vulnerabilities that led survivors to being trafficked are likely to still exist since survivors are often under-resourced and under-educated. Many are unable to provide for their most basic needs, including food, adequate and sanitary shelter, clothing and security, thereby increasing their risk of being re-trafficked or exploited in other ways.


SGI provides transitional housing so that survivors of human trafficking can focus on vocational and social skills training, counseling, spiritual healing, and community reintegration. The goal is to launch survivors into a successful independent life, focusing on transforming them into the best individuals they can become. Our homes provide a program coordinator, a social worker and a residential advisor to provide daily support to these individuals to reinforce these goals.

We currently have two homes in Cebu, Philippines. Our first residents named their house Medad meaning love or beloved friend. The residents of our newest home named it Malta, after the book of Acts. God used Paul to heal all kinds of diseases, and the people of Malta blessed Paul and his companions with all they needed to continue their journey.Malta House

The transitional homes:

  • Provide residents with a safe and supportive home while they focus on independent living skills, vocational training, and gainful employment
  • Provide an opportunity for residents to connect with community personnel who help them develop life skills and support networks. Community volunteers provide a social and spiritual support system with the goal being a lasting relationship even after our women leave the transitional home
  • Target survivors of human trafficking who are nearing the end of their education and will be ready to enter the job market within 6 months of admission into program

We offer Life Skills classes in the following areas: money management, employment search, healthy relationships, self care, nutrition and food preparation,  emergency and safety skills, obtaining housing.

Because SGI fills the gap between a long-term shelter and successful reintegration, we anticipate that the re-trafficking rate among former residents who complete the program will be significantly lower than the re-trafficking rate of survivors who do not undergo such a program.


Jhea’s story

November 8th, 2015 When I was 11, I ran away from home, due to years of abuse in my household....


How You Can Help

Volunteer. Pray. Host a fundraising event. These are all ways you can partner with us to help restore those exploited by human trafficking to full health and independent living through transitional housing.

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